Specialty Tree Services

Diagnosing diseased or pest infected trees

The certified arborists at Inland Empire Tree and Landscape Pros have experience diagnosing plantings for common and cyclical insects and diseases. They will identify the problem causing your tree or shrub to deteriorate and recommend the proper treatment.

Tree Root Issues/Cable and Bracing for Proper growth

Let the experienced professionals at Inland Empire help to determine how a tree’s roots can be managed to minimize the impact they can have when they grow too shallow, or too close to foundations. Our arborists know what a healthy, properly planted tree should look like, and through proper use of cable and semi permanent bracing we can help to provide the optimum growth opportunity for your tree.

Power Line Trimming

Only a licensed, insured and experienced crew should ever be hired to trim trees around power lines.

As a property owner it is imperative that you are protected against any liability associated with trees on your property. At Inland Empire we have extensive experience trimming commercial, residential and municipal jobs. Trust our experience when you need this important service done.

Defensible Space

If you live in a forested area, usually it is the homeowners responsibility to maintain defensible space on their property. Many local areas require compliance to their specific regulations and Inland Empire is able to help sort out your needs. Defensible space is your first line of protection against wildfires. Wildfire season is a reality,plan ahead to minimize the problem  and protect your valuable property.

At Inland Empire Tree and Landscape Pros our licensed arborists offer you a perfect blend of professionalism, reliability, expertise and customer service; guaranteeing 100% satisfaction. We also offer a free estimate on your job, and 24-hour emergency tree service for all types of property owners to provide immediate response and minimize potential damage.

If you are considering having any tree work done, contact us today at (951) 319-2666.